Looking at the PC line-up for Holiday game releases it's pretty slim pickings for the PC market.  But overall throughout the the year we've had a great selection of games, and as always the best version.

ARMORED FIST members have stuck together, but split up when it comes to gaming favorites.  From beta testing hopeful games, going single player, or just replaying blasts from the past <3 BF3.  Will the glory days of 32v32 (with 10+ hopeful soldiers waiting their turn) combat return to the ARMORED FIST?  That question is on everyones mind, members who miss the night after night after night gaming sessions of pure FPS action.

It seems game developers have no interest in that sort of game, they continue to cater to the limits of console games, from small 6-12 group chat setups, or as the consoles call them "parties".  Consolites don't know the meaning of what a party is until they jump into a TeamSpeak chat with 70+ members.

Even our beloved Battlefield and now Battlefront franchise has turned more towards the console crowd.  We used to hold Battlefield dearly to our hearts as the champion to the anti-CoDness crowd.  The CoDness that the gaming industry has time and time again try and force down our throats.  Now it seems they've become what we most dislike.

What can we at ARMORED FIST hope for?  Indie/Modders/Small studios are not the answer it seems.  They always find a way to stretch themselves so thin that eventually their game loses track and ends up in a state of beta for way too long, or it simply becomes vaporware.

I am asking the ARMORED FIST community to place their bets, make a list of games that IF good will reunite us under one banner.  Remember, ACT as if the game you list is guaranteed to be 100% awesome, even if it doesn't turn out that way.

cthru2k aCO I just pre-ordered The Division Game looks good, FPS/MMO/RPG Open world in one sweet looking package.
A_M1lkshake NMA I logged 24 (maybe more) in the beta weekend for Battlefront. The menus are very console-ish and they don't have private ...
g8trtim Hey Trance! Siege reminded me of the newer MOH games. Fun until you learn the ins and outs of the small maps and then it ...