New Chapter

Erocean aCo posted 24 hours ago

Armored FIST,

First we would like to send a sincere thank you to Th3Preacher for building The Armored FIST Community into a well established and respected part of the PC gaming community. The Dedication, Experience and Leadership he brought to our community will be the foundation which we build and expand on for the future of Armored FIST.

As many of you know Th3Preacher has turned over his leadership duties to a few good men which include EroCeaN, Cthru2k and Stonewallx to take the reigns and help grow Armored FIST into an overall gaming community.  A council as we have come to call it has added a fourth member, DanHowe03. We currently are hard at work in planning and discussing what we have in store for Armored FIST. We hope to expand on what is a great community made so by it's great members, officers, and excellent leadership.

We are hard at work in reworking the website, organizing the teams and the community in a way that will benefit all members in the coming days.  The four of us are dedicated to moving forward as a community and will need the support of the current (and future) FIST members to help us realize our visions for the community.


EroCeaN, Cthru2k, Stonewallx, and Danhowe03

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